The Advantages Of Double Sided Flexible Circuits

Novara Technologies is committed to producing the most innovative, reliable and cost effective flexible circuits on the market. 

That includes those which incorporate shielding or perhaps closer routing traces as they can alternate between the top layer and bottom layers using vias. Whatever your next upcoming project, we would love to be part of your success.

The many benefits of double sided flexible circuits

Ideal for withstanding high vibrations and dynamic flexing applications, double sided flexible circuits are ideal when space is at a premium. They get rid of the bulky wire and solder connection and depending on the components, can potentially save up to 60% in weight

Because they can eliminate mechanical connectors, they give you unparalleled design flexibility. They can also have a more robust operating temperature range and stronger signal quality.

Why choose Novara to manufacture your flexible printed circuits?

Novara Technologies Ltd provides a bespoke UL approved FPC manufacturing service that’s ideal for everything from low quantity prototyping to full volume production, with or without SMT components.

We ensure your double sided flexible circuits provide exceptional mechanical strength. Our team can also screen print silver circuits on polyester film for use with membrane displays and keypads. 

Find out more about our flexible printed circuits or contact our team for more information.