Intelligent Assemblies

Today’s engineers are developing the world of tomorrow and Novara Technologies is at the forefront of the revolution known as the ‘The Internet of Things’.

The future will be a place of connected devices all interacting, controlling and providing input to each other and this vision will require new intelligent electronic assemblies to be developed. Incorporating network capabilities, product identification tags and smart sensors into your next product could be your key to success.

At Novara, we have the right experience and product know-how that could help you to integrate your innovation and launch to market in the most time efficient way.

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Flexible Printed Circuits

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are similar in concept to PCB providing electronic component surface mount technology (SMT) options but differ in the ability to be flexed around other objects due to the conductive circuit being sandwiched between a flexible plastic substrate, such as polyimide. FPC can be offered in many forms from fully flexible single sided, single layer to complex double sided multi-layer with rigid PCB (Flex-Rigid) to provide extra mechanical strength and plated through hole (PTH) component mounting options.

Flex circuits can also be screen printed silver circuits on polyester film for use with membrane displays and keypads. In many applications, FPC replace wires and interconnects which provides cost reduction opportunities. FPC are widely used where there are space constraints such as handheld electronics, sensing and display devices.

Novara provide a bespoke UL approved FPC manufacturing service offering low quantity prototyping to full volume production with or without SMT components.

Cable Assemblies with Electronics

We have been combining electronics into cable assemblies for many years and we see increasing demand for new technologies with further integrated capabilities.

The possibility for integrating electronics into your cable assembly can open the potential to new designs which have been previously overlooked and working with Novara will help you to realise your design potential.

Preserving the vital electronics from potentially harsh environments is a priority; we can provide cable assemblies which provide ingress protection from fluids and dust with our injection moulding, overmoulding and encapsulation technology.

electric car charging cables and charging stations
Low Pressure Moulding Overmoulded Automotive Sensors

Low Pressure Overmoulding

Novara’s state of the art low pressure overmoulding capabilities are the most cost effective method to provide protection for PCB electronics which are exposed to harsh environments.

This semi-automated process is an alternative to traditional PCB encapsulation technologies such as potting, conformal coating and sealing which are often found to be expensive, messy and labour intensive. Similar to plastic injection moulding, finished PCBs are inserted into a custom designed mould and over moulded with materials designed for low pressure moulding.

The use of low pressure prevents accidental PCB component displacement and provides a low cost, minimal waste, reliable and repeatable process. Low pressure injection moulding is ideal for sealing electronics used for automotive sensors, medical devices, consumer wearable products and military applications.

Sensors and Switch Products

The connected world requires devices that can sense and measure specific aspects of the physical world and process these into digital signals which can be processed and acted upon.

With the expertise of Novara, you can integrate electronic sensors into cable assemblies and box built devices offering an ever expanding potential to measure temperature, humidity, position, proximity, pressure and magnetic fields amongst other sensing activities.

There are numerous switches available to suit a wide variety of applications and Novara can supply a vast range to meet your specific requirements. Our manufacturing solutions provide you with the capability to combine electronics, sensors and switches into a finished product which is fit for purpose and application.

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RFID coils and SIM card connector

Product Identification

In the global connected world, security of devices is becoming more important to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) looking to uniquely identify their products to ensure exclusive features are activated and prevent counterfeits from being used.

Product identification using programmable components such as EEPROM and RFID tags is becoming more commonplace and Novara have the expertise to combine these technologies into cable assemblies, sensors and single-use medical devices.

Our manufacturing experience and knowledge of cost effective product identification components will allow you to add unique identifiers to your products without compromising quality or cost.

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