Design for Manufacture

Novara is well positioned to support design and development activity utilising our wide-ranging knowledge of manufacturing technologies.

If you are outsourcing manufacturing, it’s vitally important to include your contract manufacturer early in the design process to consider design for manufacture (DFM) and help you to avoid costly design changes with manufacturing requirements fully considered prior to design freeze.

CAD operator reviewing a mechanical assembly for design for manufacture

Improve Reliability

If competition is strong in your industry, it’s important to consider quality and reliability and develop a competitive advantage. Achieving this is a challenge and designers are constantly stretching the boundaries of design by using new materials and design methods, this is great for innovation, but it can compromise reliability.

Using a DFM approach in collaboration with Novara, will ensure that appropriate materials and assembly methods are considered and guarantee a more comprehensive design which meets the customer requirements first time.

Manufacturing Best Practice

At the heart of Novara’s DFM philosophy is the drive to achieve manufacturing best practice by embracing continuous improvement methodologies. With our six sigma trained personnel and lean manufacturing background, we consider each design and manufacturing process with a consistent approach, aiming to minimise waste and striving for the best possible quality, cost and delivery.

Working with Novara from the early stages of your next project will provide you with the opportunity to tap into our skills and optimise your product before it reaches full production.

design for manufacture image demonstrating lean, rapid prototyping, just in time, mass production, lean manufacturing, mass customisation
multiple assembly robots in action in an automotive factory

Streamline Manufacturing

Every new design should consider opportunities to streamline complexity with the aim of simplifying assembly which will result in manufacturing time savings and cost reductions. Manufacturing efficiency boosts can be realised by simplifying design and assembly steps, leading to production yield improvements and reduced overall cost.

At Novara, we take this seriously and actively encourage customers to consider alternative designs which promote the DFM philosophy and streamline manufacturing.

Cost Effective and Robust

The DFM approach helps to reduce multiple design changes that can cause new product introduction programs to be delayed with increased costs. Considering the DFM approach in the early phase of the product development cycle will result in a shorter time to market, a more robust design and an overall reduced program delivery cost.

By working with Novara, we will assist you to shorten assembly time, lower assembly cost and eliminate process waste. The positives of DFM are realised once your product moves into mass production, achieving reduced product cost and increased profitability.

design for manufacture image showing efficiency, quality and speed increases reduce costs

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