Manufacturing Solutions

We have extensive experience in offering a complete turnkey manufacturing solution including plastic mouldings, metal fabrication, PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly and packaging.

Surface Mount Technology Reflow Oven and Automatic Optical Inspection Machines

PCBA Electronics Manufacturing

We can offer a variety of PCB assembly technologies including Surface Mount (SMT), Plated Through Hole (PTH), Auto and Manual Insertion, Chip on Board (COB), Ball Grid Array (BGA), Flip Chip Bonding, Wire Bonding and Lead-Free Soldering. We also operate a Class 1K Clean Room for high precision assembly and testing.

We strictly adhere to IPC-A-610, the industry recognised standard for PCB assembly and manufacture. We employ a strict Quality Management System (QMS) to control the whole production process, so that quality is assured at every level of assembly.

All finished products are fully tested using Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), In-circuit Test (ICT) and Functional test (FCT) and we also offer additional testing for reliability, vibration, burn in, salt spray and thermal cycling.

Box Build Assembly

Box build assembly can be described as bringing all of the manufacturing processes together to build a finished assembled product; this can include anything from a simple PCB in an enclosure to a more complex assembly with a bill of materials which includes thousands of different parts.

Box build assembly can be a very complex business, involving procurement from multiple sources, manufacturing using dedicated machinery, labour intensive processes and quality controlled inspection.

Novara simplify the process by providing our customers with a full box build service aimed at streamlining the procurement process and outsourcing the box build assembly to ourselves.

We oversee the whole box build process from start to finish, providing our customers with reduced capital expenditure and production costs whilst delivering a quality product manufactured by a skilled workforce.

mobile phone production showing assembly operator using a screwdriver
Inside a pick and place surface mount technology device

Parylene Coated Electronics Assemblies

Novara provides a competitive and quality Parylene coating service to cater for all of your requirements.

We focus our attention on providing a quality-controlled Parylene conformal coating process to ensure that your product will be protected against the most hostile of environments.  This superior conformal coating process creates a moisture barrier and provides electrical insulation to prevent damage of electronics assemblies from contamination such as dust, moisture or chemical attack.

Parylene is the professional choice of conformal coating and can be applied to assembled electronics and components in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical and engineering industries.

Plastic Injection Mouldings

We understand the critical nature of plastic part design and the processes involved to ensure that parts are easy to manufacture. At the heart of this process is our ability to provide Design for Manufacture (DFM) feedback, which enables the design to be improved prior to making the mould.

We evaluate all the key aspects of mould design and provide you with detailed documentation which can be used to further optimise the part design.

Following the DFM stage, we then provide detailed timelines for the mould tool manufacture and initial part production. All initial parts are provided with detailed inspection reports providing you with confidence that your parts meet the specification.

Injection moulding machine with multi cavity injection mould tool
Intricate metalwork fabrications with multiple features formed into the sheet metal

Metal part fabrication

The nature of innovation leads to most projects requiring bespoke parts designed to meet a specific function. Engineering metals such as steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper are commonly used materials for electro-mechanical assemblies due to their excellent conductive, thermal and mechanical properties combined with the ability to be permanently formed into intricate designs.

At Novara, we provide our customers with high quality, precision engineered metal parts which can be manufactured using a variety of processes such as stamping, machining, extrusion, casting, powder metallurgy and fabrication using the latest CNC semi-automated machines.

Finished products can be electro-plated using common plating metals such as Nickel, Tin and Gold amongst others. We also provide parts with other finishing processes such as anodising, painting and powder coating, each one offering their specific benefits.

Custom Packaging

Packaging is an important part of a finished assembled product. Graphical imagery and the right materials can provide a striking first and lasting impression together with providing protection for the valuable content.

Novara can organize bespoke packaging requirements for your finished product including custom boxes made from kraft cardboard to bright white and shiny and all printed with your custom design.

For our medical customers, we can also provide blister and pouch packaged products for sealing single use disposable devices.

Custom Packaging with images of the finished product printed onto the boxes

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