Brushless DC Motors

Novara offer an extensive range of high quality, cost-effective brushless DC motors designed to suit any motion control application.

Our brushless DC motors are efficient, reliable and versatile, ideal for various applications. Compact, lightweight, and suitable for space-constrained environments, providing precise control over speed and torque. Key features include high efficiency, long lifespan, low maintenance and smooth operation. We cater to diverse needs in robotics, automotive, medical devices, industrial automation and consumer electronics.

Brushless DC Stepper Motor

Stepper Motors

Where position is fundamental to your motor requirement, Novara offer 2‐phase, 3‐phase and 5‐phase Hybrid Stepper motors covering a wide range of applications with a frame size from NEMA 8 (20mm) to NEMA 42 (102mm) and also a range of Permanent Magnet Stepper motors with a frame size from Ø15mm to Ø57mm.

Stepper motors can be easily combined with a gear box to fulfil your particular application requirements. We offer a range of planetary gearbox and spur gearbox solutions which have been strictly tested to ensure long life and maximum efficiency.

If your motor is operating in a harsh or wet environment you should consider using our IP54/65/68 rated Hybrid Stepper motors. These models are dust proof and resistant to low pressure water jets making them an ideal solution for food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Download Stepper Motors Datasheet

Hybrid Servo Stepper Motors

For applications requiring high performance and high reliability, a servo system can often be the only choice. Novara offer cost-effective Hybrid Servo Stepper Motor solutions which combine the best of servo and stepper motor technologies and deliver unique capabilities and enhancements over both at a fraction of the cost of a servo system.

Our range of Hybrid Servo Stepper Motors are all integrated with 2-channel and 1,000-line optical incremental encoders and currently available with frame sizes ranging from NEMA 8 (20mm) to NEMA 34 (86mm) with torque holding capability from 0.4 Nm to 12 Nm.

Download Hybrid Servo Stepper Motors Datasheet

Brushless DC Servo Stepper Motor
Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Motors

For applications requiring stable velocity control over a wide speed range, Novara offer high performance, long life and low maintenance Brushless DC Motors with frame sizes ranging from NEMA 17 (42mm) to NEMA 42 (110mm). Our motors are 3-phase design in 4 and 8-pole configurations with commutation and velocity loop feedback provided by hall sensor signals.

Three efficiency designs are available to optimize your application’s performance requirements to the most cost-effective solution.

Download Brushless DC Motors Datasheet

Custom Motor Solutions

We also offer custom solutions to all of our motors including modifications to housings, windings, shaft modification, encoder resolution, spur and planetary gearbox solutions, custom cabling and brake add-on solutions to optimize the motor’s performance to suit your specific requirements.

All of our motors are manufactured using high quality materials and feature anti‐high temperature permanent magnets, providing high reliability and accuracy whilst maintaining low noise, low vibration, low motor heating and smooth running.

Download Custom Motor Solutions Datasheet

Bespoke brushless dc motor with modifications for mounting and shaft

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