Medical Device Assembly

We are the contract manufacture specialists for electro-medical device assembly.

We understand the challenges presented by the regulatory and technical demands of the medical device industry and we aim to make life easier by providing our experience and expertise in this field of knowledge.

We work closely with our customers providing engineering expertise during development, documentation support during qualification and best practice clean manufacturing once production commences.

Single Use medical cable assembly with hand switching electrosurgical pencil

Single Use Disposables

Medical device companies are actively developing an increasing interest in electronics for disposable devices. Disposable devices are designed to be sterilised and used only one time and as a result unit cost can often be reduced by using a wider choice of engineering materials.

Our expertise with material selection for disposable devices has helped several customers to convert their existing reusable devices and make them suitable for the disposable market.

Medical Cable Assemblies

Cleanliness and conformity are critical to medical cable assemblies and the considerations go much further such as ensuring that suitable materials are chosen which are acceptable for interaction with humans whilst also being able to withstand harsh sterilisation methods.

Novara specialise in the production of world class medical cable assemblies, all reliably manufactured in our bespoke cleanroom and following ISO13485 quality management systems. Our injection moulding machines are designed for overmoulding medical connectors and we produce custom made cables to suit any application.

The opportunities to customise your design are endless, offering you with a truly bespoke service to meet your design requirements. With our expertise, you can be assured that your next medical cable project will be a success.

Vital Monitoring Device with Cable Assemblies and Connectors
ISO14644 Class 7 Cleanroom for clean manufacturing of medical cable assemblies

Clean Manufacturing

We understand that cleanliness is important and we have a ISO 7 classification cleanroom where all of our medical device assembly is undertaken. All of our personnel are required to follow strict procedures and maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout. This gives our customers confidence that bio-burden is kept to a minimum prior to onward processing such as final assembly, packaging or sterilisation.

Quality Standards

Novara manufacture to the internationally recognised quality management system ISO13485, ensuring that all medical devices which we produce have complete manufacturing traceability. If you are entering the global medical device marketplace, we also have the know-how to assist with your FDA device establishment registration.

ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Certification
Hand cupping water to demonstrate bio-compatible plastics

Bio-Compatible Materials

We have specific experience of which materials are cost effective, bio-compatible and suitable for sterilisation. It’s important to consider material selection early in the design and development phase to prevent more costly changes further into the development cycle.

The use of biocompatible materials is required for patient contacting parts of medical devices, this helps to prevent the use of materials which can cause irritation and sensitisation to humans. Using materials which are tested to the internationally recognised standard ISO10993, helps to minimise the testing required to prove biocompatibility.

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