Cable Assembly

Novara have extensive experience of supplying custom overmoulded cable assemblies, wiring looms and discrete cable assemblies.

We manufacture all types of cable assembly from prototype through to full production and offer additional services such as cable design, drawing creation, new product introduction and project management.

ECG Type Cables Overmoulded wires for Medical Devices

Moulded / Overmoulded cable assemblies

Overmoulding provides improved reliability, enhanced environmental protection and a heightened professional appearance. Overmoulding your cable assembly offers further protection and increased durability by reducing the potential for fluid ingress, increasing resistance to shock and vibration and protecting valuable components from environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, abrasion and corrosion which can cause premature ageing and eventual component failure. By overmoulding your cable assembly your finished product could benefit from improved strain relief, water and dust ingress protection, tamper proofing, improved flame retardant properties and resistance to UV degradation.

Further design customisation benefits include component encapsulation including PCBa, design of ergonomics, latching features, strain reliefs, company logo integration, colour matched schemes and a wide choice of typical moulding materials such as PVC, PP, PE, PU and TPE or more specific materials to suit any application or industry.

Discrete Wire Assemblies / Wiring Looms / Wiring Harness

We supply all kinds of discrete cable assemblies, wiring looms and wiring harnesses for industries such as consumer, industrial, automotive, healthcare and communication.

We manufacture all of our cable assemblies utilising a full range of professional cable assembly production equipment. Our full range of capabilities include the wire preparation process including wire cutting, wire marking and inkjet printing, wire stripping, crimp termination, solder termination, crimp sealing, insulation displacement crimp (IDC) and cable sheathing. We can form the wiring assemblies using jig tooling into your bespoke design and secure using any combination of nylon braiding, convoluted nylon tubing or conduit, PVC tubing, tie wraps, insulation tape, foam tape and heat shrink products. Electrical connectors can be pre-fitted or fitted at the final stages of assembly prior to 100% electrical continuity testing.

We use automation wherever possible utilising state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Our operators are trained to the industry standard IPC-A-620 to ensure that best practice manufacturing is always maintained.

Cable Assemblies with wires, connectors and crimps and housings
Vital Monitoring Device with Cable Assemblies and Connectors

Medical Cable Assemblies

Cleanliness and conformity are critical to medical cable assemblies and the considerations go much further such as ensuring that suitable materials are chosen which are acceptable for interaction with humans whilst also being able to withstand harsh sterilisation methods.

Novara specialise in the production of world class medical cable assemblies, all reliably manufactured in our bespoke cleanroom and following ISO13485 quality management systems. Our injection moulding machines are designed for overmoulding medical connectors and we produce custom made cables to suit any application.

The opportunities to customise your design are endless, offering you with a truly bespoke service to meet your design requirements. With our expertise, you can be assured that your next medical cable project will be a success.

Motorsport and Automotive

Vehicle wiring looms need dedicated connector systems and wiring harness componentry to protect the electrical functions from the dynamic, high performance and harsh environments. These specialised electrical distribution systems (EDS) typically operate with automotive sensors, instrument panels, power distribution units and engine management systems.

We provide valuable design assistance to support customers with our extensive product knowledge. Moving into manufacture, we offer prototype build support, tooling manufacture and a team of certified IPC-A-620 wiring harness technicians all capable of manufacturing wiring harnesses of superior quality. All of our products are dimensionally checked and electrically tested to ensure design intent is 100% guaranteed. Our expert team of project managers oversee development from start to finish, ensuring that your requirements are fulfilled on time and within budget.

Our manufacturing capabilities include all variations of wiring harnesses and battery cables from traditional combustion engine vehicles to high voltage automotive wiring for full electric and hybrid vehicles. All of our products are manufactured under ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management systems ensuring that quality is considered throughout.

Several Single Seat Motor Racing cars
Map of the world created from a bespoke cable construction

Custom Cable Solutions

Whatever cable structure you require, we can design and manufacture for a wide range of applications with various constructions and materials.

We adapt the design of every cable to the requirements of the cable’s intended application, this allows us to include specialist strengthening materials within the cable such as Kevlar and EMC shielding materials such as copper foil, aluminium foil, mylar film, tinned copper braiding.

We can produce any combination of multi-core cable utilising micro-coaxial, signal and power core cables and also include pneumatic and hydraulic combination lines. We typically extrude using materials such as PP, PE, PVC, PU, TPU, TPE, TPV and we can also work with specialist materials such as Silicone and Fluoropolymers FEP, PTFE, ETFE.

Our medical cable extrusion line is specifically designed to reduce the potential of bio-burden introduction by utilising technologies to eliminate bacteria from the cable extrusion process. We can extrude with polymers which are specific for medical device use and USP Class VI and/or ISO10993 certified.

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