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USB Type-C USB4 Cable Assemblies

Novara Technologies are ready for a whole new generation of devices with USB4 connectivity

USB has become the industry standard for connecting devices with billions of USB cables and connectors in use every day around the world.  USB4 cable assemblies are designed with the next generation of high-speed equipment and hardware in mind, bringing a much faster level of performance to the connectivity world.

Reliable USB4 cable assemblies with Novara’s semi-automated manufacturing processes

Novara Technologies are well positioned to support the next generation of USB 4 technology with our superior USB cable assemblies. Our USB4 cables are designed with a robust coaxial cable structure to deliver high reliability in signal integrity and electromagnetic interference performances.  Using semi-automated manufacturing processes ensures that quality and reliability are built into each and every cable assembly manufactured.  Furthermore, the USB-C connectors are over-moulded, protecting the delicate connections within and providing improved reliability and enhanced environmental protection, ensuring the longevity of the cable assembly.

Automated USB-C Connector Wire Bonding

Guaranteed quality and reproducibility
Efficient automated operation
Higher productivity
Reduced cost by efficient use of materials

Double the performance with superior future-proof high speed USB connections

The highlight of USB 4 is the increased bandwidth capability taking data transfer up to 40gbps transmission rates, matching Thunderbolt 3 technology, whilst utilising existing USB-C type devices.  In addition to this Novara USB4 cables also support up to 100W of power via USB Power Delivery (USB PD).

Backwards compatibility taken care of with USB-C connectors

By utilising existing USB type-C connectors, USB4 is backwards compatible with USB 3.2 and USB 2.0 and is also designed to be compatible with Thunderbolt 3.  This means that if your device features USB4 technology, you’ll be able to use just about any existing USB type-C accessory or device.

Novara USB4 Cable Assemblies

  • Connectors: Male USB Type-C, with black insulator shell, gold plated contacts
  • Mouldings: Shore 85A TPE Black Overmould / Transparent PE Innermould
  • Cable: 30AWG x 8 Cores + 32AWG x 1 Pair + 32AWG x 4 Cores + 25 AWG x 2 Cores
  • Cable Sheath Material: TPE, Black
  • Cable Outside Diameter: 4.8mm
USB 4 Type C Overmoulded Cable Assembly

Novara USB4 SMT Female Connectors

  • Female USB Type-C, with black insulator shell, gold plated contacts
  • Suitable for surface mount (SMT)
Front view of USB 4 Type C SMD Connector
Rear view of USB 4 Type C SMD Connector

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