Novara is at the forefront of connector technology with a comprehensive range of electrical connectors to suit any application and budget.

We have a full appreciation of the readily available industry standard wire to wire, wire to board and board to board connectors to the more specialised circular and push-pull connector systems.

Our speciality is offering customised solutions to meet specific requirements. Our extensive experience of contact technologies and manufacturing know-how allows us to develop and manufacture customised connectors designed to meet specific applications.

Nano D-Sub Miniature Glass Sealed Connector

Nano Twist Pin Connectors

Novara provide a wide range of Nano and Sub-Nano D-sub connectors which are ideal solutions for applications which require extreme miniaturization, high reliability, space and weight saving.

These connectors are typically used in industries including aerospace, military, industrial, medical or off-shore oil and gas.  Our nano miniature D-sub connectors meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-32139.

Industry Standard Connectors

We have a wealth of experience sourcing a wide range of industry standard connectors including everything from a fine-pitch board level interconnect through to rack and panel arinc avionics connectors.

If you are looking to specify industry standard connectors or if your design is already specified, we can support your connector requirements.

MIL 38999 Specification Connectors with multiple contact solutions
Gold coloured bespoke machined Nano D-Sub Miniature Connector

Custom Connectors

Our extensive knowledge of contact technology enables us to design a connector which will solve each and every design challenge.

Our approach to custom connector design is to understand carefully your specific requirements and interpret these into a solution.  This allows us to package a custom interconnect solution to meet your specific requirements which may include mechanical, electrical, environmental and commercial constraints. The contact technologies that we commonly work with includes; Twist Pin, Fuzz Button, Pogo Pin, Stamped and Formed, Machined, Hyperboloid.

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