State Of The Art Low-Pressure Overmoulding

Looking to protect PCB electronics with affordable overmoulding? Do you find the use of traditional PCB encapsulation technologies costly and labour intensive?

Novara Technologies Ltd is always up to date with the latest and best technology available on the market today. That includes intelligent assemblies to help make your products a success.

Our services include low-pressure overmoulding which provides cost-effective protection for PCB electronics exposed to harsh environments. A semi-automated process, over-moulding is a great alternative to traditional PCB encapsulation technologies.

By using a simplified low-pressure moulding process, you can reduce the manufacturing time involved while cutting down on the cost of labour and materials. This is partly because fewer machines are required for this process.

Similar to plastic injection moulding, the finished printed circuit boards are inserted into a custom-designed mould. This is then over moulded with materials designed for low-pressure moulding.

Since it uses low pressure prevents accidental PCB component displacement and provides a low cost, minimal waste, reliable and repeatable process. This process is also ideal for sealing electronics used for automotive sensors, medical devices, consumer wearable products and military applications.

If you need a professional company for low-pressure overmoulding, find out more about Novara Technologies today. Or get in touch with our team for more information.