Space Saving And Cost-Effective Flexible Printed Circuits

Novara Technologies produce quality cable assemblies for a wide range of devices. Our products include intelligent electronic assemblies which incorporate functionality, product identification tags and smart sensors.

These include flexible printed circuits which can be fitted around other objects due to the conductive circuit being sandwiched between a flexible plastic substrate.

Flexible printed circuits (FPC) come in a variety of styles, including complex double sided multi-layer with rigid PCB (Flex-Rigid) which is ideal if you need extra mechanical strength.

Since flexible circuits take up less space, they can also reduce the overall cost of producing a product. They’re frequently used where space constraints are an issue: for instance, in handheld electronics, sensing and display devices.

Enjoy first-class manufacturing and competitive pricing.

With our bespoke UL approved FPC’s, you’ll enjoy volumes from prototyping through to full volume production with or without SMT components. Our experienced team can help you to create innovative products and launch to market in the most time efficient way.

We’ve also been combining electronics into cable assemblies for many years, with our team seeing increasing demand for new technologies with further integrated capabilities.

For more information on any of our intelligent assemblies, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.