Seeking Manufacturers Of Quality Medical Cable Assemblies In The UK?

When looking for a medical cable assembly supplier in the UK, it’s important to check if the supplier meets industry standards and regulations. 

In particular, you look for a manufacturer like Novara Technologies Ltd that has certifications like ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices). All our medical cable assemblies are manufactured in our cleanroom, with our team always following a strict quality control process.

We not only offer first-class engineering expertise during development, but can deal with documentation support during qualification and best practice clean manufacturing once production commences.

Novara Technologies Ltd appreciates that the quality and reliability of cables are crucial for patient safety and the overall performance of medical devices. 

Our equipment includes injection moulding machines designed for overmoulding medical connectors. We are also able to offer a truly bespoke service, with our products including single use disposables.

Thanks to our expertise with material selection for disposable devices, we’ve helped many clients to convert their existing reusable devices and make them suitable for the disposable market.

We can produce custom made cables to suit any application.

Our team also appreciates that custom solutions are often the best when it comes to the medical sector. Responsive and transparent, we’re always open to discussing your requirements and concerns.

Find out more about our medical cable assemblies or get in touch for more information.