Searching For An Overmolded Cable Manufacturer?

Want to give your cable assemblies added protection and durability?

Novara Technologies create custom interconnect solutions for customers all over the world, with our products including over-moulded cables that provide exceptional protection for your products.

Overmoulding cables provide many advantages, including greater reliability and enhanced environmental protection. By having cable assemblies over-moulded, it reduces the potential for fluid ingress and increases their resistance to shock and vibration.

Overmoulding also protects valuable components from environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, abrasion and corrosion, all of which can premature ageing and eventual component failure. It also gives your products a more professional looking appearance that appeals to customers.

We also undertake overmoulding for your cable assemblies so they benefit from improved strain relief, water and dust ingress protection, tamper-proofing, improved flame retardant properties and resistance to UV degradation.

We can also offer many further design customisation benefits including component encapsulation.

In addition, we also produce discrete cable assemblies, wiring looms and wiring harnesses for a variety of industries. Products also include medical cable assemblies, vehicle wiring looms, and custom cable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

If you’re searching for over-moulded cable manufacturers, discover more about Novara Technologies or simply get in touch with our team today.