Save Space And Reduce EMI With Shielded Flexible Circuits

Shielded flexible circuits provide excellent protection against external electromagnetic interference. 

Made from flexible materials which allow them to bend and be manipulated into more unusual shapes, they’re ideal for applications where traditional rigid printed circuits boards (PCBs) are not suitable.

The fact they’re shielded means they can protect the circuit and components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). They’re therefore ideal for industries like the aerospace, military, medical and telecommunications sectors.

Our shielded flexible circuits are frequently used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, and automotive systems. They can be designed with various connector types to suit your requirements. Our team can also consider factors like impedance control and signal integrity.

Advantage of shielded flexible circuits include

  • reducing EMI/RFI emissions and susceptibility
  • The fact they’re lightweight and can save space in your devices
  • Their flexibility which makes the installation and maintenance process easier

Novara Technologies Ltd produce flexible printed circuits in many forms including complex double sided multi-layer with rigid PCB (Flex-Rigid) to provide extra mechanical strength and plated through hole (PTH) component mounting options.

If you need flexible printed circuits, Novara Technologies is able to provide a bespoke UL approved manufacturing service offering low quantity prototyping to full volume production with or without SMT components.

Find out more about our high quality flexible circuits or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information today.