Require Cable Integration Services For A Single Component?

Quality and reliability are key to all our services at Novara Technologies, with our team taking great care during the cable integration process. 

Novara Technologies offer a range of custom interconnect solutions, including intelligent assemblies where we can, for example, incorporate network capabilities, product identification tags and smart sensors into your products.

Our team can connect and incorporate cables in a wide variety of equipment or machinery, including those for the medical sector. Before carrying out the integration process, we can help determine the best type of cables needed for your component, taking into account the power, signal strength and data transfer.

We can then link the necessary cables, whether it’s power cables, data cables or communication cables, to a specific component or PCB to ensure its functionality within a larger system.

Helping make your products more robust and cost-effective. 

When it comes to connecting the cables, our solutions include discrete wire assemblies, wiring looms and harnesses, produced using the most professional equipment.  Our experts have extensive experience in cable management, including in ensuring correct lengths and securing connections.

During cable integration, we carry out testing and integration for electrical conductivity, signal transmission or data transfer. We can also aid in troubleshooting, maintenance or future modifications.

If you’re looking for experienced experts in cable assemblies, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.