Partner With A Trusted Cable Assembly Manufacturer In The UK

The quality of your cable assemblies is vital to the overall performance of your devices. From providing reliable connections to transmitting power effectively and safely, they enable the efficient operation of all kinds of electrical and electronic systems. You therefore want a cable manufacturer who will ensure their performance is first-class.

Novara Technologies Ltd produce components which improve reliability, meet manufacturing best practices and are cost effective and robust.

Our cable assemblies are engineered to provide robust and dependable connections.

Novara Technologies can produce those which are able to withstand harsh environments, temperature variations, vibrations, and mechanical stress.

Components will ensure you enjoy consistent performance, with the smallest chance of problems like signal loss, electrical interference, or system failures. Our custom interconnect solutions include:

Our intelligent electronic assemblies include those which incorporate network capabilities, product identification tags and smart sensors. All of these could be key to making your next product stand out from the competition.

Novara Technologies delivers a complete project management service and all manufacturing meets the latest quality international standards.

Discover more reasons to choose us as your cable assembly manufacturer. Or contact us for more information today.