Overmoulded Cable Manufacturers Offering The Latest Techniques

Just as flexible circuits have become commonplace, overmoulding is constantly evolving to improve the performance, durability and efficiency of cables. This makes them suitable for more demanding applications like automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery.

For starters, manufacturers like Novara Technologies are using more advanced materials which offer increased flexibility, higher temperature resistance, and improved chemical resistance. These materials allow for overmoulded cables to withstand harsh environments without compromising performance.

It’s now also much easier to customise cable assemblies to meet a range of requirements.

For our instance, we can incorporate features such as strain relief, connectors, and specialised shapes directly into the overmoulded layer.

Automation has also made the overmoulding process much more efficient and consistent.

We regularly use automated equipment that can precisely control the injection of the moulding material, resulting in higher quality and more uniform cable assemblies.

Another way this technology is expanding is the integration of electronic components such as sensors, LEDs, and circuitry directly within the cable assembly. This integration reduces the need for additional components and connections, resulting in simpler and more compact designs.

Furthermore, improved sealing techniques have made it easier than ever for overmoulded cables to withstand moisture, dust, and other contaminants. This is especially vital for applications which take place in outdoor or harsh environments where reliable sealing is crucial for long-term performance.

Thanks to the rise of IoT devices and smart technologies, overmoulded cables are being designed to integrate wireless connectivity solutions (for instance, implementing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi antennas directly into the cable assembly). This makes the installation process easier and reduces the need for additional components.

If you want to benefit from the latest overmoulded cable technology, Novara Technologies continue to drive forward improvements in performance, customisation and efficiency. We can work with companies across a range of industries and applications.

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