Nano D Connectors Ideal For Devices With Limited Space

Novara Technologies is committed to bringing you the latest intelligent assemblies to enhance your devices. That includes Nano D connectors which are suitable for use in even harsher environments.

Nano D connectors: miniature electrical connectors designed for high-density applications where space is limited. Part of the D-subminiature connector family, which also includes standard D-sub connectors and micro D connectors.

Nano D connectors are ideal for use in compact electronic devices and systems.

These connectors typically feature a rectangular or circular shape with a combination of pins and sockets arranged in rows and columns. These connectors are used in a wide range of market sectors, including the aerospace, military, telecommunications and medical equipment industries.

Nano D connectors come in various configurations, including different pin counts and gender (male and female). They provide a reliable interface for transmitting signals, power, and data between electronic components and devices.

Because of their compact size and high-density layout, they are often used in applications such as aerospace electronics, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), robotics, and portable electronic devices.

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Highly experienced, Novara Technologies have been combining electronics into cable assemblies for many years and have witnessed an increasing demand for new technologies with further integrated capabilities.

We can help open up new possibilities when it comes to potential new designs. Our team appreciates that protecting electronics in potentially harmful environments is vital. We can provide cable assemblies which provide ingress protection from fluids and dust with our injection moulding, overmoulding and encapsulation technology.

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