Electrosurgical Cables Made Using Strict Clean Room Manufacturing

If you want to keep your bio-burden to a minimum before the final assembly, packaging or sterilisation process, we would love to help. 

Novara Technologies understands what a crucial role components like electrosurgical cables have to play.

We specialise in world-class medical cable assemblies produced in a bespoke cleanroom and in line with ISO13485 quality management systems. This is an internationally recognised quality management system which ensures that all products have clear manufacturing traceability.

We work hard to use the right materials which are both suitable for use with humans along with being able to endure harsh sterilisation methods. It’s our job to provide manufacturing solutions that meet your exact requirements.

All our electrosurgical cables are reliably manufactured in our bespoke cleanroom.

We offer all kinds of design options, with our team dedicated to a bespoke service. Our solutions include biocompatible materials for parts of medical devices that have direct contact with patients. Use of such materials will reduce the risk of irritation when administering treatment.

Using materials which are tested to the internationally recognised standard ISO10993 also helps to minimise the testing required to prove biocompatibility.

Find out more about Novara as suppliers of electrosurgical cables. Or simply contact us for more details.