Cost-Effective Overmoulded Cables For Harsh Environments

Our engineers at Novara Technologies always use the latest technology and methods to produce first-class components.

That includes low pressure overmoulding, which is the most cost effective method for providing protection for PCB electronics which are exposed to challenging environments.

Low pressure overmoulding prevents accidental PCB component displacement, making it an affordable process that produces minimal waste.

A reliable and repeatable process, it is ideal for sealing electronics used for automotive sensors, medical devices, consumer wearable products and military applications.

Other intelligent assemblies include Product identification using programmable components such as EEPROM and RFID tags. This is becoming increasingly popular with companies all over the world. Our team has the expertise to incorporate these technologies into cable assemblies, sensors and single-use medical devices.

Whatever types of cable assemblies you need, Novara Technologies Ltd offer exceptional manufacturing experience. With our knowledge of cost effective components, we can ensure products meet both your specifications and your budget.

We’re constantly innovating to offer the best solutions for our valued customers. Along with overmoulding, we offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions and designs, including those which can be customised to reflect your branding.

If you’re interested in our overmoulded cables, find out more about our intelligent assemblies or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.