Compact, Space-Saving Double Sided Flexible Circuits

Flexible printed circuits are just some of the intelligent assemblies we produce at Novara Technologies Ltd. 

We manufacture these in various forms including complex double sided multi-layer with rigid PCB (Flex-Rigid). These can provide extra mechanical strength and are plated through hole component mounting options.

Double-sided flexible circuits are ideal for applications where flexibility, space-saving qualities are needed.

They’re commonly used in popular consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles. Thanks to their compact design and lightweight construction, they’re brilliant for use in modern gadgets.

From the medical sector to the automobile industry, we produce components for a range of market sectors.

Double sided flexible circuits are also great for medical devices and equipment like medical sensors, pacemakers, defibrillators and much more. Because they’re so pliable, they can be integrated into often awkwardly shaped devices.

Our double sided flexible circuits are also used in the automotive industry. Whether you need them for electronic displays, control panels, or engine management systems, they allow for an installation in tight spaces and the ability to conform to irregular shapes.

Other industries which regularly use flexible circuits include the aerospace and defence, communications and the industrial sector. LED lighting and wearable technology like fitness trackers also use these types of components.

If you need a manufacturer of intelligent assemblies, contact our team for more information.