Bespoke Wiring Harness Assembly Services In The UK

A wiring harness is designed to transmit electrical signals or power from one point to another. They play an important role in modern electrical systems since they offer higher levels of reliability and contribute to the general efficiency of the devices or systems they are integrated into.

Novara Technologies regularly manufactures wiring harnesses and looms for many market sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics and telecommunication industries.

Protect wires and keep them well-organised. 

The main aim of a wiring harness is to organise and protect electrical wires, preventing them from damage caused by abrasion, moisture, vibration, or other environmental factors. Because the wires are bundled together, they’re less likely to become tangled. This makes installations and maintenance much more straightforward.

Benefits of a wiring harness include a simple installation, a lower risk of errors, better reliability, and easy maintenance.

They can also be highly cost-effective, despite the design and manufacturing costs sometimes being higher. That’s because in the long run, they take less time to install and require less maintenance.

Since Novara Technologies Ltd uses automation wherever possible, with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can keep costs as low as possible. You can rest assured that all our operators are trained to the industry standard IPC-A-620 to ensure that best practice manufacturing is always maintained.

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