Affordable Overmoulded Cables For A Range Of Industries

Need a cost-effective way to protect PCB electronics?

Our services include state-of-the-art low pressure overmoulding which is ideal for protecting circuits used in harsh environments.

Since this is a semi-automated service, it’s highly affordable and a great alternative to traditional PCB encapsulation technologies which are often expensive and labour intensive. With our low pressure overmoulding, finished PCBs are inserted into a custom designed mould. They are then overmoulded with materials designed for low pressure moulding.

Our team is always happy to offer more information on this process and the benefits it offers. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cable manufacturing. With a range of manufacturing solutions to choose from, you will enjoy the most innovative products at fair prices.

Affordable, reliable overmoulded cables with minimal waste.

Our low pressure injection moulding is regularly used for sealing electronics used for:

  • automotive sensors
  • medical devices
  • consumer wearable products

Other intelligent assemblies we produce include sensor and switch products, cable assemblies with electronics, and product identification.

 Novara Technologies works with companies across the world who need custom interconnect solutions. Businesses we support range from start-ups to global businesses.

If you need to order cost-effective overmoulded cables, simply contact our team for more information.