Affordable, Efficient Moulded Cable Assembly Services

Moulded cable assemblies are ideal for offering exceptional durability and protection. 

Novara Technologies can ensure that your cables and the internal components are properly protected from all kinds of environmental factors, including moisture, dust, chemicals and chafing. Because they’re less likely to break, they’re more likely to last longer.

This manufacturing process helps extend the lifespan of the cables and ensures reliable performance even in harsh conditions. They also provide integrated strain relief, ensuring that the cable is at less risk of damage from bending, twisting or pulling.

Providing strain relief in the design can significantly improve the cable’s longevity, particularly for devices where there’s frequent movement or stress on the cables.

The protective moulding can also reduce the risk of electrical interference. That’s because within the moulding features can be added to include a shield against EMI and radio frequency interference (RFI). This is particularly important for medical devices, aerospace systems and communication devices.

If needed, Novara Technologies can customise your cable assemblies to reflect your branding or unique requirements. Moulding is a process that enables us to easily produce precise shapes and encapsulation of connectors. Cables can be colour-coded or marked for easy identification and management.

Make the installation more straightforward.

Moulded cable assemblies have connectors which are integrated and protected by the moulding, therefore saving time during the installation process. This is especially advantageous in situations where multiple cables need to be connected quickly and reliably.

They can also improve the way your product looks. Moulded cable assemblies have an attractive appearance which makes them more appealing for everything from electrical gadgets to the interiors of vehicles. Last but not least, they improve safety by preventing there being exposed wires or connectors.

Our services also include producing customised designs for harsher environments. 

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