Shielded Flexible Circuits Ideal For Devices With Limited Space

With our intelligent assemblies, it’s easier to innovate and launch products in the most efficient way. 

Our solutions include shielded flexible circuits, which offer flexibility, durability and EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection. Shielded designs are excellent for reducing EMI, which can interfere with the performance of electronic devices. It can also help to maintain signal integrity and reduce noise. 

Circuits which can bend, twist and fold.

Novara Technologies produce flexible circuits ideal for a wide range of modern devices, from wearable technology to medical devices and other compact gadgets. These are not only versatile, they’re lighter and thinner than traditional rigid circuits.

Our shielded flexible circuits are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive and aerospace sectors. 

They can be made from materials which can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperature, humidity and vibrations. 

The shielding in these circuits not only protects against EMI but also improves signal transmission by reducing crosstalk and other signal degradation issues. This is especially important in high-speed data applications.

We manufacture shielded flexible circuits in various shapes and configurations.

This will enable you to produce more complex and compact designs. This flexibility can also mean your engineers can create innovative solutions for challenging design requirements. 

Since they’re flexible and lightweight, it can also reduce the assembly time and costs. Although the initial manufacturing costs can be higher, there are fewer components needed and less requirement for maintenance or repairs.

The combination of shielding and flexible substrates ensures that these circuits can maintain high performance and reliability over a longer period of time. This is true even in dynamic applications where they are subjected to constant movement.

If needed, flexible circuits can be designed with enhanced thermal management properties, which helps in dissipating heat more effectively. This is beneficial in applications where thermal control is critical.

These circuits can be highly customised to meet specific application requirements. For instance, there’s various different types of shielding, thicknesses, and specific layout designs available. 

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