Enhance Your Products With Our Innovative Intelligent Assemblies

Our intelligent cable assemblies can significantly enhance your products in various ways, including increasing their functionality. 

From integrating senators to including communication capabilities in cables, they can make it easier for products to perform at optimal levels. Novara Technologies can provide a range of features which reduce issues like cable damage and issues with signal or connectivity. 

Customised intelligent cable assemblies to meet your needs. 

Our team can tailor intelligent cable assemblies to meet specific application requirements, incorporating features such as custom sensors, connectors, and communication protocols. This flexibility allows for the creation of highly optimised solutions for all kinds of applications and industries.

Because intelligent assemblies can improve reliability, they can save money in the long-term. 

Since they’re more reliable and reduce downtime, that generally means there are lower maintenance expenses. Furthermore, their added functionalities and capabilities may help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Our range of solutions include:

  • Flexible printed circuits which can be bent, folded, or twisted to fit into tight spaces, which allows for more compact and lightweight designs compared to traditional rigid PCBs.
  • Cable assemblies with electronics. We can ensure that your devices can perform in even harsher conditions. 
  • Low pressure overmoulding which is the most cost effective method for providing protection for PCB electronics which are exposed to harsh environments.
  • Sensors and switch products to perform tasks like measuring temperature, humidity, position, proximity, pressure and magnetic fields amongst other sensing activities.

Find out more about our intelligent cable assemblies. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.