World-Class Manufacturing Of Electrosurgical Cables

Do you want to ensure that your medical cables are of exceptional quality? Novara Technologies Ltd looks to be your ideal partner.

Like all types of medical cables, single use electrosurgical cables need to offer exceptional reliability, levels of hygiene and strength.  You also need them to deliver an optimal level of performance and mitigate the risk of malfunction during life critical use.

To guarantee these requirements are met, medical cable assemblies must be biocompatible to ensure safe interaction with humans whilst also withstanding the harsh sterilisation methods which are necessary to prevent bioburden and the quality of manufacturing must meet the highest standards.


Single use electrosurgical cables are just one of the types of medical cable assemblies we manufacture to the finest standards.

Specialising in production of world class medical cable assemblies, Novara Technologies also offer reusable cable assemblies which can be sterilised and used multiple times.  Our careful choice of materials ensures that the sterilisation processes, such as autoclaving, does not deteriorate the functionality of your medical cable assembly.  Working with our expert team of engineers provides you with a resource to assist you with customising your medical cable assembly design for manufacture and function, in fact every cable we manufacture is bespoke to your application.

To ensure that your medical cable assemblies are manufactured to the highest level of cleanliness and quality, Novara Technologies has a bespoke ISO 7 classification cleanroom and we follow the medical device industry quality management standard ISO13485.  All of our staff follow strict working procedures and maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout.  With our best manufacturing practices, you can have complete confidence that our cleanliness is of the upmost importance and bio-burden kept to very low levels prior to your onward processing.


If you are interested to learn more, please check our downloads page for our company brochure and information about our ISO certifications and policies.

If you need a trusted supplier for single use and reusable electrosurgical medical cables, simply contact our team for more information.  Whatever project you might have in the pipeline this year, our friendly team would love to discuss it with you.