Why Choose Novara Technologies for Bespoke Cable Assemblies?

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We live in a world more reliant on technology than ever before. When seeking a manufacturer of electrical components, you want exceptional reliability and consistency throughout.

Whatever type of a bespoke cable assemblies you need, Novara Technologies produce all products to impeccable standards.

An environmentally-friendly company, we produce every cable assembly with the greatest levels of care and diligence. We work to the international standard ISO14001 which provides a framework for every one of our employees to follow.

We can design and manufacture bespoke cable assemblies to your unique specifications, covering everything from the initial prototype through to full production along with offering additional services such as cable design, drawing creation, new product introduction and project management.

Our products include overmoulded cables that offer improved reliability, enhanced environmental protection and a heightened professional appearance.

Overmoulding offers better protection and increased durability by reducing the risk of exposure to liquids. It also increases your cables’ resistance to shocks and vibrations along with protecting valuable components from environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, abrasion and corrosion. All of these can cause premature ageing and eventual component failure

If you need to order the finest bespoke cable assemblies, find out more about Novara Technologies or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.