Why Choose Novara For Your Medical Cable Manufacture?

Novara Technologies Ltd has extensive experience when it comes to offering advanced interconnect solutions.

Our products include Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Medical Device Assemblies, and Brushless DC Motors. We take time to understand our customers’ requirements and offer a range of different manufacturing solutions, including medical cables for the global marketplace.

Manufacturing medical cables can be challenging since there is a need to meet the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Meeting regulatory and technical requirements are crucial in this industry and you don’t want to fall short.

You can rest assured that our engineers have the expertise and experience to produce the finest quality medical cables.

Our medical cable products include single-use disposables which are designed to be sterilised.

When it comes to clean manufacturing, our manufacturing team are required to follow strict procedures. You can therefore have complete peace of mind that bio-burden is kept to a minimum prior to onward processing, including final assembly, packaging or sterilisation.

All our medical cables are manufactured in an ISO 7 classification cleanroom and to the internationally recognised quality management system ISO13485. Medical cables are just one of the many products produced by our team.

If you’re searching for medical cable manufacturers, discover more about Novara Technologies Ltd. Or simply get in touch with our team today.