Trusted Suppliers Of Single Use Medical Cables


Novara Technologies has extensive experience producing medical cable assemblies using the finest antimicrobial treated, bio-compatible materials. 

Our quality anti-microbial cables include those which are sterilisable, flame-retardant and manufactured from biocompatible materials, with our medical cables resistant to mould, bacteria and fungus, making them ideal for use in even the strictest environments.  

We regularly assemble medical devices for a wide range of companies who need manufacturers who are experienced experts in this field.  Products include single use cable assemblies which reduce the risk of patient-to-patient cross-contamination.  Single use medical devices can also save time and the costs involved in reprocessing.  

Our team always deliver best practice clean manufacturing throughout the production process and we take care to ensure that our finished products are double bag packaged for transportation to your site, ensuring that bioburden is kept to a minimum.

Novara Technologies could be your ideal supplier for medical cable assemblies and we can help you to meet the strict regulations of the medical device sector.

Our company manufactures to an internationally recognised quality management system, ISO13485, which means that all medical devices have complete manufacturing traceability.  With our strong quality management system, procedures and effective risk management, we are able to demonstrate compliance with medical device laws and regulations and produce consistently high-quality medical equipment.

Find out more about our single use medical cables or contact our friendly team for more information.