Trusted Suppliers Of Overmoulded Cables In The UK

There are a huge range of benefits to overmoulding cables, including the fact it allows for more flexibility and pull strength.

It will also increase the lifespan of cables, ensuring more mating cycles are possible. Since overmoulding on electrical assemblies provide better protection for electrical connections and PCBs, it can save money in the long-term.

Overmolding provides exceptional protection for cables in all environments. From dust and debris to liquids, your cables will be safeguarded against damage. It also gives you more freedom when it comes to customisation. Overmolding allows you to have custom coloured cables which reflect your branding and include markings like logos.

Overmoulded cables are particularly important in industries like the medical sector where cleanliness is crucial.

Novara Technologies regularly deliver overmoulded cable assemblies using state-of-the-art low pressure moulding.

Thanks to use of low pressure, it prevents accidental PCB component displacement and provides an affordable, reliable and repeatable process with minimal waste. Low pressure injection moulding is ideal for sealing electronics used for automotive sensors, medical devices, consumer wearable products and military applications.

Low pressure overmoulding is just one of the techniques we offer our valued customers.

If you need top suppliers of overmolded cables in the UK, find out more about Novara Technologies Ltd. Or contact our friendly team for more details.