Trusted Suppliers Of Medical Cable Assemblies

Medical cable assemblies require the highest levels of cleanliness and often working in environments that could be life critical, it’s essential that they meet the latest regulations.

From single-use disposables to reusable cables that need to withstand harsh sterilisation methods such as autoclaving, Novara Technologies Ltd is dedicated to meeting the needs of the medical device industry.

Thanks to our expertise with material selection for disposable devices, we have helped many clients to convert their existing reusable devices and make them suitable for the disposable market.

Our single use disposables are designed to be sterilised and used only one time. We ensure the unit cost can easily be reduced by using a wider choice of engineering materials. Our team is committed to meet both your design requirements and your budget.

Advanced interconnect solutions that meet all your requirements.

We provide first-class engineering expertise during development. Our team can also provide excellent documentation support during qualification and best practice clean manufacturing once production commences. We’re always happy to talk you through the different options available, including customised solutions.

Need quality cable assemblies for another application? The medical device sector is just one of the many industries we cover.

Find out more about our medical cable assemblies, or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.