Top Providers Of Overmolded Cables In The UK

Novara Technologies Ltd uses a range of state-of-the-art techniques to produce custom interconnect solutions to the finest standards.

That includes the semi-automated overmolding of cables, which is a great alternative to traditional PCB encapsulation technologies.

Overmolding of cable assemblies is achieved by forcing the material into a mold cavity under pressure. Combining the wire and connector into one seamless piece, it provides exceptional protection for the cables and ensures they’re as long-lasting as possible. Giving cable assemblies excellent strain relief, it will reduce the risk of damage.

Whether an environment gives exposure to dust, liquids, extreme heat or cold, or harsh sterilization is required, overmolded cables are the best solution.

Novara Technologies Ltd uses low pressure overmolding which is the most cost effective method for protecting PCB electronics exposed to harsh environments.

We regularly deliver these types of products to companies all over the world, including the UK. With our first-class product know-how, we can help you to provide the most innovative solutions and launch products to market in the most time efficient way.

Whether you need standard or bespoke cable assemblies, we have the capability to deliver either to the finest standards.

If you need reliable manufacturers of overmolded cables, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.