The Benefits Of Shielded Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits are used in many of the world’s most advanced electrical products, from mobile phones and cameras to antennas and laptops.

Flexible circuits allow engineers to make the most of the space available, cutting down on the overall footprint of the circuit. This enables you to make more compact devices which are high performing.

Generally, they cost less than traditional circuits because they can replace several single circuits.

Shielded; designs allow for the thinnest possible constructions and are therefore great for dynamic bend applications. They’ve been proven successful in many sensitive designs.

Novara Technologies is dedicated to delivering innovative electrical solutions, including a range of intelligent assemblies.

Here at Novara Technologies Ltd, our flexible circuits enable you to reduce complexity while increasing reliability. That includes flexible circuits in many different styles, including shielded and unshielded designs.

The difference between single and double sided circuits.

Single-sided flexible circuits are the most basic and consist of a single layer of metal traces on one side of a dielectric layer. Meanwhile, double-sided flex circuits have multiple layers on both sides of a single dielectric layer.

We work with companies in a range of industries, including the medical sector where clean room manufacturing is needed.

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