Suppliers Of Overmoulded Cables In The UK

A leading choice for quality overmoulded cables, Novara Technologies work with clients across the UK needing quality interconnect solutions.

We both design and manufacture affordable cable solutions, with a great choice of customisation options available including overmoulded cables.

These can include the inclusion of corporate logos or trade names as part of the overmould itself. Many find this is a great way to enhance your branding or make cables easier to identify.

With extensive experience in the cable manufacturing industry, we’re a safe and reliable choice for a wide range of businesses in the UK. Prices for our interconnect solutions are highly competitive but we never compromise on quality.

Overmoulding is one of our key capabilities and we can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your products.

Overmoulding provides exceptional protection for cables against dirt, grime and fluids.

It also provides them with the ability to endure vibrations, shocks or continual flexing without damage being incurred. In short, overmoulded cables are likely to last much longer and survive more wear-and-tear.

Novara Technologies Ltd is also a leading choice for the production of wiring looms and discrete cable assemblies.

If you need a reliable supplier of overmoulded cables in the UK, discover more reasons to choose Novara Technologies in 2021.

Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.