Space And Cost Saving Double Sided Flexible Circuits

Novara Technologies help you benefit from the latest and best electrical components.

We manufacture a range of interconnect solutions that include flexible printed circuits (FPC).

Capable of being ‘flexed’ around objects, flexible printed circuits open up all sorts of design possibilities. They’re great for replacing wires and interconnects while reducing costs at the same time.

Flexible printed circuits are often used in devices where there are space constraints, from handheld electronics to sensing and display devices.  That’s because they eliminate bulky wire and solder connections.

Depending on the components and structure, FPC can save up to 60% in weight and space. Flexible materials also provide a lower profile than traditional rigid board solutions.

Our team at Novara Technologies Ltd manufacture these in a variety of styles, including:

  • Fully flexible single sided
  • Complex double sided multi-layer with rigid PCB (Flex-Rigid) to provide extra mechanical strength and plated through hole (PTH) component mounting options.
  • Screen printed silver circuits on polyester film for use with membrane displays and keypads.

We deliver a bespoke UL approved FPC manufacturing service, covering everything from low quantity prototyping to full volume production. This is available with or without SMT components.

Find out more about our double sided flexible circuits. Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.