Searching For Manufacturers Of Anti Microbial Cables?

When it comes to manufacturing cables for the medical sector, cleanliness along with reliability is obviously highly important. It is also crucial for cables to be made of materials which can prevent bacterial growth.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified expert manufacturer of bespoke medical cables, Novara Technologies look to be your ideal supplier.

Our quality anti-microbial cables include those which are sterilisable, flame-retardant and manufactured from biocompatible materials. We regularly assemble medical devices for a wide range of companies who need manufacturers who are experts in this field.

Whether you require single-use, disposable assemblies or custom mouldings, Novara Technologies offers a wide range of cable assemblies and are a reliable, expert partner.

We regularly supply antimicrobial cables to the medical sector and can help you meet the strict regulations of this industry. Our company manufactures to the internationally recognised quality management system ISO13485, which means that all medical devices have complete manufacturing traceability.

Novara Technologies has extensive experience of producing medical cable assemblies and always delivers best practice clean manufacturing once production commences. Our anti-microbial cables are resistant to mould, bacteria and fungus, making them ideal for medical environments.

We can also provide all the packaging needed to keep cables in sterile condition if needed.

Why not read more about our anti-microbial cables today?