Searching For Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturers?

Novara Technologies Ltd look to be a leading choice for companies who need reliable, professional and innovative cable manufacturers.

Offering a wide range of solutions for companies needing cables manufacturing, we assist clients in a wide number of different industries.

Whatever colour, plug or connector you need, and no matter whether it’s related to data, power or audio, our expert team can work on all kinds of projects. We provide a wide range of services to help produce quality products which include:

  • Custom cable assemblies for many different applications, including the motorsports and automotive sector.
  • Cables for medical device assembly that meet the high standards of the regulatory and technical demands of the medical device industry.
  • Intelligent assemblies including printed flexible circuits, sensors and switch products.
  • Manufacturing solutions such as plastic mouldings, metal fabrication, PCB assembly, mechanical assembly and packaging.

Our expert engineers are always happy to provide technical advice with short lead times available on urgent orders.

We pride ourselves on providing the most competitively-priced services that never compromise on quality. Our team will work hard to meet your exact requirements and surpass all your expectations. Our cable assembly manufacturers work with companies of all sizes on a variety of projects.

If you need cable assembly manufacturers, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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