Quality Single Use Medical Cables Suitable For Sterilisation

As leading contract manufacturers for electrosurgical cable assemblies, Novara Technologies Ltd help companies to meet the strict regulations in this industry.

Our products include single use disposable cable assemblies which are designed to be sterilised and used only one time. By lowering the chance of contamination, sterilised single-use disposables help to keep the operating room as safe and hygienic as possible. This helps to lower the risks to a patient’s safety and should improve the performance and effectiveness of the procedure.

Choose Novara Technologies Ltd for your single use medical cables and you’ll benefit from our expertise in material selection.


We focus our expertise on the application of the finished product and sterilisation methods being considered and help you to choose the best material for your product from a wide range of performance bio-compatible engineering materials made for single use medical applications.  We work with you throughout the design and development phase to ensure the single use medical cable meet your budget. 

We have assisted many of our customers to convert existing reusable medical devices into single use disposables by using materials which are more suited to single-use sterilisation methods such as ethylene oxide (ETO / EO) gas and gamma irradiation.  Unit cost reductions can be achieved by converting your medical devices into single use devices, making them more attractive to medical professionals and providing an opportunity to increase your market presence.

Benefit from medical cable assemblies manufactured in a bespoke cleanroom facility

Novara Technologies Ltd have a bespoke cleanroom facility which meets the ISO Class 7 / Class 10000 standards.  Our cleanroom is designed specifically for the manufacture of medical cable assemblies with injection moulding, ultrasonic welding, soldering, potting and other cable assembly associated equipment installed.  Our highly skilled manufacturing team are trained to the industry standard IPC/WHMA-A-620 for cable assembly manufacturing and we are ISO13485 accredited.

For more information regarding medical cable assembly manufacturing, contact us today!