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We live in a world where we’re more reliant on technology than ever. Whether it’s the medical sector, IT and communications or the telecoms industry, high quality cables are essential. In industries like medicine, their failure can lead to all sorts of big problems.

All companies now rely on the technology they use and you want your components to be reliable, long-lasting and safe to use.

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Here at Novara Technologies we supply power solutions to companies in a range of market sectors, including cable assemblies in a range of styles. Our manufacturing processes include overmoulding that provides exceptional protection for cables in almost any environment.

Whether you work in the motorsports, medical or IT sector, our team can be trusted to deliver affordable but high quality products. Every cable assembly we produce is the result of manufacturing best practice.

We work hard to bring you the latest and best solutions.

Our products include USB Type-C USB4 Cable Assemblies designed for the next generation of high-speed equipment and hardware in mind, bringing a much faster level of performance to the connectivity world.

We look to be your leading choice for cable assembly companies, with our team priding ourselves on both quality products and customer support.

If you’re looking for the best cable assembly companies, discover more about Novara Technologies or drop us a line today.