Overmoulded Cables For Improved Reliability And Environmental Protection

Overmoulded cables offer several advantages over traditional cables without this enhancement.

For starters, they offer much more durability, with the overmoulding process adding an extra layer of protection to the cable. This makes it less likely to break, fray, or wear out over time.

It also increases their flexibility, making it easier to bend and manoeuvre into tight spaces. The overmoulding process helps to prevent the cable from becoming rigid, which can be a problem with traditional cables. 

Overmoulding provides an improved resistance to moisture and other contaminants.

Overmoulded cables are more resistant to moisture, dirt, and other contaminants that can damage traditional cables. The overmoulding process seals the cable and protects it from these elements, making it more reliable in harsh environments.

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your products.

Our overmoulded cables can be customised to match the colour scheme of your particular product or device. This will give them an aesthetic appeal that traditional cables lack.

Novara Technologies Ltd also offer many other options for customisation, including component encapsulation such as:

  • PCBa
  • design of ergonomics
  • latching features
  • strain reliefs
  • company logo integration
  • A wide choice of typical moulding materials such as PVC, PP, PE, PU and TPE or more specific materials to suit any application or industry.

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