Our World-Class Medical Cable Assemblies


Medical grade medical cable assemblies need to be able to withstand even the harshest sterilisation methods.

They also need to be hygienic and conform to the latest regulations. In these difficult times, the demand for top quality medical equipment has never been more important.  Sterilisation and biocompatibility are top priorities for medical cable assemblies and these are guaranteed when you choose our team.

Novara Technologies Ltd is the ideal choice for companies who need first-class medical cable assemblies which are made using medical grade materials. All of our medical cable assemblies are manufactured at our bespoke cleanroom where we follow ISO13485 quality management systems.

Quality custom-made cables to suit any application.

Our products include over-moulded cable assemblies made using biocompatible materials, which are sterilisable using a variety of methods including autoclave, ETO and gamma irradiation. 

Overmoulding medical cable assemblies also offers many benefits such as ingress protection, component encapsulation, strain relief and ergonomic design, making it easier for people to use.  We manufacture our medical cable assemblies using injection moulding machines with bespoke tooling which is designed for over-moulding medical connectors. This is a highly effective and affordable way to produce products of the highest quality.

Whatever type of cable assemblies you require, Novara Technologies is committed to a completely bespoke service that meets your exact design specifications. 

We can provide a quick turnaround on any project. With our extensive product knowledge, you can easily secure the products you require, whether in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

If you need reliable cable assembly manufacturers, simply contact our team for more information.