Need the Assembly of Discreet Wiring Looms in the UK?

A wiring loom (often called a cable harness) is a complex assembly that combines multiple types of cables and wires into several groups, often using multiple binding techniques. 

The benefits of wiring looms and harnesses

They’re commonly used in the automotive and industrial industries, providing many advantages over loose wires. 

Binding wires and cables into a harness means they’re better secured against the effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture. Because they’re put together, they also save significant amounts of space. If wires are binded into a flame retardant sleeve, it also lowers the risk of electrical fires.

Wiring looms assembled using state of the art equipment.

Novara Technologies Ltd provides wiring looms to companies in a range of industries, including consumer, industrial, automotive, healthcare and communication. 

Our services include wire preparation processes like cutting, stripping, marking and inkjet printing. We also deliver crimp and solder terminations, crimp sealing, insulation displacement crimp (IDC) and cable sheathing. 

Binding can involve the use of nylon braiding, convoluted nylon tubing or conduit, PVC tubing, tie wraps, insulation tape, foam tape or heat shrink products. 

All our operators are trained to the industry standard IPC-A-620 and will ensure that best practice manufacturing is always maintained.

If you need a team for reliable wiring loom assemblies, Novara Technologies regularly deliver these services to companies across the UK. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.