Need A Trusted Manufacturer Of Discrete Wire Harnesses?

Novara Technologies Ltd manufactures a diverse range of custom interconnect solutions, including discrete wire assemblies, looms and harnesses.

Our wire harness manufacturing is ideal for such industries as the consumer, industrial, automotive, healthcare and communication sectors.

Using the best state of the art equipment and technologies, our team is trained to the industry standard IPC-A-620 to ensure that best practice manufacturing is always maintained.

All cable assemblies are made using our professional production equipment, with our capabilities including:

  • The wire preparation process including wire cutting, wire marking and inkjet printing, wire stripping, crimp termination, solder termination, crimp sealing, insulation displacement crimp (IDC) and cable sheathing.
  • Forming wiring assemblies using jig tooling into your bespoke design. They can be secured using any combination of nylon braiding, convoluted nylon tubing or conduit, PVC tubing, tie wraps, insulation tape, foam tape and heat shrink products.
  • Electrical connectors pre-fitted or fitted at the final stages of assembly prior to 100% electrical continuity testing.

Novara Technologies Ltd uses automation wherever possible to ensure that the process is as cost-effective and efficient as possible. A global company, we work with many international companies who need reliable cable manufacturing services.

If you need an expert wire harness manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.