Manufacturers For Even The Most Complex Wiring Loom Assembly

If you need to order quality wiring loom assemblies, contact our professional team at Novara Technologies.

A wiring loom assembly is one of the more complex types of cable assemblies. When looking for a manufacturer, you want assurance they will use the best equipment and binding techniques to secure your products.

Here at Novara Technologies, we’ve been producing customised cable assemblies for many years. Our capabilities include over-mouldings, complex wiring looms, anti-microbial cable assemblies and much more.

Our expert team regularly produces wiring looms and wiring harnesses for industries such as consumer, industrial, automotive, healthcare and communication. We do this using the latest  state-of-the-art equipment and cover all steps of the production process.

Wiring assemblies can be made to reflect your custom designs and secured using:

  • nylon braiding
  • convoluted nylon tubing or conduit
  • PVC tubing, tie wraps
  • insulation tape
  • foam tape and heat shrink products.

We can also ensure that electrical connectors are pre-fitted or fitted at the final stages of assembly.

For more information on any of our cable assemblies, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.