Low-Pressure Overmoulding For Intelligent Assemblies


With our state of the art low pressure overmoulding, it’s easier than ever to create sophisticated devices which are long-lasting and connect seamlessly, making it easier than ever to protect your products from dust, water and other contaminants.

Low Pressure Overmoulding can be used in Intelligent assemblies such as:

  • Flexible printed circuits which are ideal for applications where space constraints are an issue, such as handheld electronics, sensing and display devices.
  • Cost-effective protection for PCB electronics which are exposed to harsh environments.
  • Cable assemblies with integrated electronics which can meet the demands of newer technologies with further integrated capabilities.
  • Sensors and switch products which process and act upon digital signals.
  • Product identification with exclusive features which be activated and prevent counterfeits from being used.

A trusted global company in the electronics industry, Novara Technologies Ltd also produces Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Medical Device Assemblies and Brushless DC Motors to accredited quality  standards.  Our clients range from start-up organisations to global companies in the UK and beyond.

With our customised designs, competitively-priced solutions and full project management service, we can support you from component design through to the finished product.

Discover more about our intelligent assemblies today or simply get in touch with our team for more information on any of our products.