Custom Wire Manufacturers that Meet the Highest Standards

Working with everything from start-up organisations to global companies, Novara Technologies looks to be your ideal cable manufacturer. 

With our custom solutions, you can easily fulfil the needs of your customers.  We have a talented team who produce a wide range of interconnect solutions, including USB Type-C USB4 cables, designed with the next generation of high-speed equipment and hardware in mind. 

USB4 cable assemblies bring a much faster level of performance to the connectivity world.

Using semi-automated manufacturing processes, our USB4 cables are designed with a robust coaxial cable structure to deliver high reliability in signal integrity and electromagnetic interference performances. The connectors are also over-moulded, so the delicate interior is protected. This improves the reliability of the product and ensures its longevity. 

Choose Novara Technologies Ltd as your custom wire manufacturers and you’ll enjoy guaranteed quality and the cost-efficient use of materials. 

Along with USB4 cables, our product range includes:

  • Connectors including nano connectors. 
  • Intelligent assemblies such as flexible printed circuits, cable assemblies with electronics, low pressure overmoulding, sensor and switch products.
  • Medical Device Assemblies
  • Brushless DC Motors.

With a wide ranging knowledge of manufacturing technologies, we can help you stay ahead of the competition in your industry. 

If you need custom wire manufacturers, simply contact our team for more information.