Custom Cable Extrusion for your Cable Assembly

Custom Cable Extrusion for your Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Extrusion for your Cable Assembly

Did you know that Novara can extrude multicore cables? With our custom cable manufacturing, we can match your exact design specification for your cable assembly.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 approved cable assembly manufacturers with experience gained from a wide range of industries including Automotive, Communication, Instrumentation, Marine and Medical Device.

Our UK based team provide priceless experience and technical know-how to assist you with creating a custom cable design to meet the specification of your cable assembly. With our extensive knowledge from a wide range of industries and products, we can design and manufacture custom cables to meet your cable assembly requirements.

Whatever cable structure you require, we can design and manufacture for a wide range of applications with various constructions and materials.

We adapt the design of every cable to the requirements of the cable’s intended application, this allows us to include specialist strengthening materials within the cable and EMC shielding materials such as copper foil, aluminium foil, conductive polyester film and tinned copper braiding.

We can produce any combination of multi-core cables utilising micro-coaxial, signal and power core cables. Our typical cable sheathing materials are PP, PE, PVC, PU, TPU, TPE, TPV and we also work with specialist materials such as Silicone and Fluoropolymers FEP, PTFE, ETFE and PFA.

We also have a dedicated medical cable extrusion line, specifically designed to reduce the potential of bio-burden by utilising technologies to eliminate bacteria from the cable extrusion process. We can also manufacture cables with bio-compatible plastics, certified for medical device use and USP Class VI and/or ISO10993 compliant.

If you have a cable assembly project which needs a custom cable:

  • Contact Novara Technologies using our contact form or email
  • We will review your enquiry and contact you to discuss your custom cable and cable assembly including environment, performance and operational requirements.
  • Following our initial discussions, we will produce a draft drawing and send to you with any associated material datasheets.
  • If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will provide a quotation including the lead-time to produce and deliver.
  • You place an order with Novara and we then manufacture the custom cable assembly to an agreed delivery date.

It really is a simple process to work with Novara, so why not make contact with us today and we will help you to ‘Connect with Intelligence’.