Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers With Extensive Experience

Do you need the latest cable assemblies for high-speed devices?

Novara Technologies Ltd produces all types of cable assemblies, including USB Type-C USB4 designed for a new generation of devices.

These types of cable assemblies are now the industry standard for connecting devices, appearing in USB cables and connectors. They deliver superior performances for high speed USB connections, with efficient automated operations.

Our cable assemblies are used by companies all over the world and appear in a wide variety of devices. Renowned for their reliability and quality, we always work to the highest standards.

Novara Technologies is an experienced manufacturer who produces these types of assemblies to the finest standards. This line of products include:

  • USB 4 Cable Assemblies Male USB Type-C, with black insulator shell and gold plated contacts.
  • USB 4 SMT Connectors Female USB Type-C, which has a black insulator and gold plated contacts.

These are just a few of the many types of cable assemblies we produce at Novara Technologies.

We can produce quality custom cable assemblies |with cost-efficient use of materials.

An environmentally friendly company, Novara Technologies, Ltd are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. That includes encouraging suppliers to promote an effective environmental management system and implement the international standard ISO14001.

If you need to connect with cable assembly manufacturers, contact our friendly team for more details.