Connect With Trusted Medical Cable Manufacturers In 2022

Want to ensure your next medical cable project is a success?

Novara Technologies are proud to be interconnect specialists for many clients in the medical industry. Whether you need single-use disposables or overmoulded medical connectors, we produce a wide range of quality products.

We appreciate the many regulatory and technical demands made by the medical device industry. That’s why we want to ensure clients benefit from our expertise in this field of knowledge. Our work includes using our engineering expertise during development and providing documentation support during qualification and best practice clean manufacturing.

Novara Technologies is ideal for anyone who wants to customize their designs. We offer a truly bespoke service that meets all your design requirements.

All medical cable assemblies are produced in a ISO 7 classification cleanroom. Here all our staff are required to follow strict procedures and maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process.

We also ensure that the bio-burden is kept to a minimum before procedures like the final assembly, packaging or sterilisation.

The medical sector is just one of the many industries we provide power solutions to. Our interconnect solutions are used by those in a wide range of market sectors.

If you’re looking for reliable medical cable manufacturers, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.